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Xcode shortcuts for a keyboard-only workflow

Defore we dive in

Some (opinionated) things worth mentioning:

  • there are many other useful shortcuts out there, I’ve tried to keep the number as low as possible while still being able to call it a keyboard-only workflow
  • these work best with a full-sized keyboard and a large enough screen to support split editing
  • increasing the key repeat speed in System Preferences > Keyboard > Key repeat allows you to move around a lot faster
  • disabling "show errors navigator on build fail" behavior in Xcode > Preferences > Behaviours makes working in 2 editors + no navigator mode easier
  • disabling auto code completion will allow you to write faster and stay in focus
  • using option with Open quickly will open the file in a new editor.
  • use a linter/formatter, aligning stuff by hand is no fun

That being said, there are a couple of shortcuts I'm still looking/waiting for:

  • jump to the previously edited location
  • center cursor in the visible area (i.e. after scrolling)

Maybe one day, sigh.

The Xcode shortcuts sheet

Swiftui state property wrappers

PDF source

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