Modern Swift Concurrency

SwiftLangSwift concurrency

The fundamentals of all the important concepts in the new Swift concurrency model.

How to (not) initialize @State inside the View's init


You should instead use @Binding, @ObservedObject, or a combination between @Binding and @State.

Build-time actions with SPM plugins


Learn how to use and distribute build-time actions with SPM plugins

Interactive animations in SwiftUI


Explicit and implicit animations, transactions, timing functions, the mass-spring-damper model, and gesture-driven updates

A short introduction to SwiftUI animations


Learn how to fully control SwiftUI animations using transactions, transitions and the Animatable protocol.

Graph-based routing for SwiftUI


This week I've been building a router for SwiftUI and it turned out to be 🔥

SwiftUI animation debug checklist


SwiftUI animations are great until something goes south. When that happens, most of the time the trouble lies in one of the five items listed here

Accessing the enclosing self inside a property wrapper


Use this small gem to access the enclosing self and create more expressive context-aware property wrappers.

Xcode shortcuts for a keyboard-only workflow


I made a list of curated Xcode shortcuts to keep you away from the trackpad

A mnemonic for SwiftUI's state property wrappers


If you struggle to remember which state property wrapper to use, this is for you.

AWS Lambda + Rust

DevOpsBackend for frontendAWS

Running a Rust HTTP server using Rocket is really easy and well documented, however, if you plan to go serverless, there's still a lot of uncharted territories.